Drone aerial survey examples

For this project we did not need to obtain any extra permissions as we already are fully accredited by the CAA.

Projects in congested areas require more planning and would need extra permissions, this is not a problem but will require a minimum of 28 days notice.


Large residential complex - the first drone picture was taken within 15 minutes of arriving on site - 3 hours and over 400 pictures later the client received the images all GPS coded and arranged in grid sections.

We are happy to organise a live demonstration as this industry is very new and sometimes requires a 'see it to believe it' experience.


We have a proud 100% safety record, and with our strict operational procedures, we think this is the safest, most cost effective and quickest way of gaining detailed imagery of difficult and often hazardous areas.

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Specialising in drone applications

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Filming 'Helicopter Rescue'  following Prince William at RAF Valley 2012/13 Filming 'Helicopter Rescue' following Prince William at RAF Valley 2012/13

BNUC Qualified         CAA Approved

Our UAV Aerial Filming octocopter
Our Modified multi-rotor UAV drone

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We have permission to fly from the CAA, are BNUC-S qualified and are fully insured for all our operations.

We adhere to strict safety procedures and carry out a site survey and risk assessment prior to every deployment.

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